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Technical information about Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162

When it comes to achieving maximum success in printing, there will be no compromises, we must take the advantage of all possibilities offered by the commercial packaging printing with Speedmaster XL 145 and Speedmaster XL 162 as they give the top efficiency and maximum productivity for the combined with total ease of operations.

The industrial printing production of tomorrow for Push to Stop: – For the first time in the history of offset printing, you can now change the jobs fully automated like from the last to the first sheet as we start of the production from the right side. The patented process, job-oriented assistance system IntelliSearch will revolutionize how we can change the jobs with efficient job preparation and automatic generation of the optimized job change programs.

As the packaging speed performance, you can achieve up to the 18,000 sheets per hour in the packaging printing. The Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162 are the success stories in the large format printing press.

Technical Information about the Speedmaster in Printing Process:

1. User-friendly control all the functions at the Prinect Press Center with a wall screen.
2. Fully automated the adjustment of the entire Preset Plus Feeder.
3. Prinect In press the Control 2 inline color and register control system.
4. Fully automated plate the changer with Auto Plate XL for the complete plate changes in just two minutes.
5. Fully automatic perfecting the device with variable Air Transfer system and two gripper system for sheet transport at the front and the rear edges of the sheet.
6. Transfer of all the preset values from the Prinect Press Center to the delivery and automatic positioning of all sheet guidance elements.

1.   4 clr offset printers.

Offset printing technology uses plates, usually made from aluminum, which are used to transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket”, and then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. Offset printing will use separate printing plates. We have to set for each color of ink and is suited for large runs where you do not need to keep changing the plate.

Conventional offset printing takes more time than modern digital printing, which has transformed the industry with much shorter lead times and reductions in cost. Digital printing is more beneficial for shorter work terms but conventional offset printing is best for long terms.

2.   Heidelberg Machine 4 clr.

Heidelberg Machine 4 clr is used for converting the equipment and machines that cover a range of following printing products. We also provide printing services, having years of experience we print using the latest technologies that can draw on the selected with experienced designers and printers worldwide. You can go through on our website our printing designs.

We will give you an individual offer and send you the information or images you need.

you are looking for the best price we can provide the best printing within your budget.

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